CNP invested an equipment line from Europe with 550kg/h of productivity to supply market with 50km length of uPVC sheet pile annually.
Executing the policy of Ho Chi Minh City municipal council for conducting antiflood programme is one of six breaking through programmes. Preventing flood tide and eboulement is now pressing problem in HCM city and overcoming quickly for improving people’s life is urgent demand. General Corporation made a push to look for solutions, researchs, experiments, experience from many countrys all over the world. General Corporation chose and decided to issue projects submitted to Ho Chi Minh City People of Council with most effective solutions which are suitable for characteristic, topography of each canal in Ho Chi Minh city and other places. The main purpose is to use uPVC sheet pile for preventing eboulement, flood tide, embankment break, flood.

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According experiment results at some places in Ho Chi Minh city, uPVC sheet pile has an excellent effect on preventing flood tide, eboulement, flood . It’s also widely used in the world because its preeminent properties shown as below:  

- Fast execution and ability to install in all weather conditions , many topographies via simple equipments;

- Environmental sustainability, durability , tolerate  alum, chemicals, sea water , polluted water . Its shelflife is up to 20 years;

- Light weight , easy to transport, easy manipulation and maintenance;

- Can be continuously prolonged for upgrading construction site if required;

- Without leakage current, soil at river area becomes harder. It makes traffic more convenient and increase construction shelflife;

To ensure that the uPVC sheet pile’s quality can fit well fine arts and technical demand, Saigon Industry Corporation invested technology and a chain of modern production devices from Europe- Twin screw extruder machine of Cruber & Co Group GmbH Company – Republic of Austria.