production process

Introduction of uPVC sheet pile production process

1. Batch mixer

PVC powder and additives are added into batch mixer with certain ratio. After mixing, semi-product is mixing material pulled into silo.

2. uPVC sheet pile  production

- Adding material: Mixing material is pulled from silo to hopper.

- uPVC sheet pile extrusion:

+ At hopper, mixing material is spreaded into compressor inlet via dosing screw.

+ At heating cylinder, mixing material are heated till resin becomes liquid and separates into each current which flows to extruding throat and then the extrusion mold.

- Shaping, cooling:

After getting out of extrusion mold, uPVC materials ran into sheet pile shaped mold to perform uPVC sheet piles and they are cooled via cooling system.

-Printing: Aftering cooling, uPVC products are printed label and company name and cut with auto-cutting machine

- Cutting machine: Sheet pile will be cut according to the desired cutting parameters.

- Those above segments are turned over through container capsule and piled on pallets. 

Production technology process pictures:


High performance parallel twin screw extruder – ARGOS






Mixing system




Shape casting


Traction engine and cutting system



Finished goods space